How can I put and write and define hypernephroma in a sentence and how is the word hypernephroma used in a sentence and examples? 用hypernephroma造句, 用hypernephroma造句, 用hypernephroma造句, hypernephroma meaning, definition, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by


281-492-1898. Hypernephroma Agrofish · 281-492-8435. Caddaric Victorine Hawke Favreau. 281-492-6382. Pronunciation Promarit. 281-492-5021

Browse nearby or related words. hypernatronemia · hypernatural · hypernaturally · hypernaturalness · hypernephroma · hyperneuria · hyperneurotic. hypermotor. hypermyotonia. hypermyotrophy. hypernasality. hypernatraemia.

Hypernephroma pronunciation

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Define hyperopic. hyperopic synonyms, hyperopic pronunciation, hyperopic translation, English dictionary definition of hyperopic. hyperopia top: normal eye with light focused on the retina bottom:hyperopic eye with light focused behind the retina n. hypernephroma (Grawitz tumour, renal cell carcinoma) (hy-per-ni-froh-mă) n. a malignant tumour of kidney cells. It may be present for some years before giving rise to symptoms, which include fever, loin pain, and blood in the urine. User-contributed notes.

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dilation (hydronephrosis), protein loss (nephrosis), cancer (hypernephroma), and   hypernatremia hypernatronemia hypernatural hypernephroma hyperneurotic pronunciation pronunciations pronunciative pronunciator pronunciatory proo  Check 'hypernatremia' translations into Spanish. Look through examples of hypernatremia translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar. hypernephroma CD hipernefroma m.

Hypernephroma pronunciation

1981-04-18 · Ericsson JL, Seljelid R, Orrenius S. Comparative light and electron microscopic observations of the cytoplasmic matrix in renal carcinomas. Virchows Arch Pathol Anat Physiol Klin Med. 1966 Oct 10; 341 (3):204–223.

Hypernephroma pronunciation

85% of all malignant kidney tumors. Other forms are the urothelium carcinoma originating from the renal pelvis (10 %), non-Hodgkin lymphomas, sarcomas, and the nephroblastomas occurring in childhood (Wilms' tumor). The renal cell carcinoma is the subject of this chapter. Translation for 'hypernephroma' in the free English-Spanish dictionary and many other Spanish translations. hypertrophy pronunciation. How to say hypertrophy. Listen to the audio pronunciation in English.

Hypernephroma pronunciation

Treatment for hypernephroma is surgical. Hypernephroma of the kidney, known as Grawitz’ tumor or renal cell cancer, is a malignant tumor that arises from the kidney epithelium. It was first described by the German pathologist P. A. Grawitz in 1883. It is found most frequently in males 40-60 years of age. Treatment for it is also surgical.
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It forms from the lining  hypernephroma.

hypernephroma. listen to the pronunciation of renal cell carcinoma kidney grow uncontrollably: or hypernephroma Malignant tumour of the cells that cover and line the kidney.
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